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Licensed Real Estate Professionals, join D.A.R.P. today to get rewarded for all of your hard work. In today’s new home market there are many choices for your buyers to pick from.  We take pride in our homes and we can ensure you that you will be making the right decision when you choose to show your clients a Dwellings Home.  We are always getting positive feedback from our buyers agents and have them bringing new clients all the time.  For this reason we believe that it is appropriate to reward those agents who work so hard to get their clients into their Dream Dwellings Home. 

Dwellings Agent

Reward Program

How it works: 

  1. Sign up for D.A.R.P.

  2. Start getting rewarded on your first sale

  3. Receive Updates on exciting new Dwellings News

  4. Get invites to exclusive Dwellings Events

  5. Sell just 1 home in a year to maintain your current level

1st Home: $250    2nd Home: $1,250    3rd Home: $2,000    4th Home+: $3,000

Program Rules*


  • Members agree to receive email and other communication from Dwellings Development Co. and Keller Williams.  

  • Opting out of any communication will terminate membership.

  • Rewards will be issued as additional commission at closing.

  • Reward tracking based on calendar year.

  • Sell 1 home a year to maintain previous years standing (ie. If you sell 1 home your first year then 1 home your second year then you are at 2 sales, then in your third year if you sell no homes you start over at 1 in your fourth year.)

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